Dia Creative x Leadways

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Service Details

We will take care of everything Google Ads-wise:

  • Full account setup and integration (Google Ads + Merchant Center + Analytics + Shopify)
  • A to Z Conversion Tracking + Attribution
  • In-depth research on the brand and ideal customer
  • Campaign set upĀ 
  • Ongoing campaign optimizationĀ 
  • Ongoing creation & optimization of adsĀ 
  • Ongoing campaign testingĀ 
  • Calls for reporting, alignment, and planningĀ 
  • Weekly performance reporting
  • Monthly performance reporting

We work as an extension of your team.

  • We will communicate through Slack, where you have access to me (Paulo) and the team 24/7/365.
  • You will receive a detailed written breakdown of how things are going every week, highlighting main metrics and other key information.
  • We will have recurring Zoom calls for alignment, strategy and planning every 15 days or at your desired cadence.

After you fill out the onboarding form (sent to you immediately after our conversation), we’ll schedule a strategy session. This is a 1-hour zoom call between your team and ours where we will get access to your platforms and talk strategy for the following months.

After this initial zoom call, we take 7 days to launch the campaigns in which we will:

  • Audit your whole Google Advertising infrastructure (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Merchant Center, Online Store) and ensure everything is set for maximum performance
  • Collect all the information we need about your brand, ideal customer and numbers
  • Create a strategy for your ad account
  • Write copy and hand-pick the assets to be used in the initial campaigns
  • Get your approval
  • Launch

The campaigns will start driving sales a few hours after launch.

  • $3000 monthly flat fee

Let’s get things going!

  1. Once you are ready to start, email me at [email protected]
  2. We’ll schedule the Onboarding Call. It’s a 1-hour zoom call between your team and ours where we get access to your platforms and talk next steps for the following months.
  3. Then we get to work!

Have additional questions?

Feel free to book a follow-up call or email me directly at [email protected]

Join Winning Brands Growing with Leadways

"They absolutely crush it, they have been incredible for us. Helped us scaleā€¦ Truly scale Googleā€

Braven Grant - Founder Of Gains In Bulk

Some Of Brands We Are Working With

The Maca Team - Increased non-branded sales.

Gains In Bulk - Boosted customer acquisition for their market-leading creatine.

Bucked Up - Scaled Google Ads customer acquisition.

Live Client Results

(Updated every 30 days)

Leading Instantized Creatine Brand

Working with Leadways for 7 months.

Peruvian Maca Brand

Working with Leadways for 14 months.

Supplement Brand Of A Well-Known Doctor In The U.S.

Working with Leadways for 15 months.

Collagen Brand For Climbers And Outdoors Sportsmen

Working with Leadways for 5 months.

Top 20 U.S. Whey Protein And Creatine Brand

Working with Leadways for 20 months.

Leading Pre-Workout Brand

Working with Leadways for 6 months.

Spend Efficiently

With a campaign structure built for customer acquisition, every dollar you spend will be directly responsible for tangible profit.

Reach Millions Of New Eyeballs

Our TOF strategy presents your products to thousands of people every day that still don’t know about your brand but are in the market for it.

Cut CPA And Scale Faster

With a profitable foundation paired with an aggressive acquisition system, you will sell in months what you’d sell in years.

How we generated $383,227.04 with a 5.22 ROAS for a Supplement Brand

Client background, highlights, key ad account implementations.

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