Google Ads Strategy For True Veda: 15% To 35% In Additional Monthly Orders

Strategy Breakdown

  • Profitably acquire customers with non-branded campaigns
  • Drive more repeated purchases with retargeting campaigns personalized to your customer journey
  • More specific and granular search campaigns to stand out and outbid competitors
  • Emphasis on Performance Max campaigns for scaling ad spend

Emphasis on:

Main campaigns:


Branded Search
10% of the budget

Search Terms
15% of the budget

Performance Max:
50% of the budget

  • Start with three Asset Groups, one for each of your best-selling categories
  • 20 image assets (lifestyle, text overlay, and white background)
  • 5 Youtube videos: 1. Create awareness 2. Create desire 3. Show Social Proof 4. Break objections 5. Combined
  • Shopping feed – all products

Support Campaigns:

Standard Shopping


Real client examples:

Some Of The Brands We’ve Worked With