Executive Media Buyer & Accounts Manager Application

Join A Team Of Hard-Working, High-Achievers At The Forefront Of The Ecommerce Advertising World 

We seek an experienced media buyer and e-commerce enthusiast to lead our clients’ Google Ads campaigns!

We are a Brazilian Google Ads agency working with clients across the globe.

You will be able to work with leading brands from multiple countries (mainly the US) that make between $500k and $50M/year and collaborate directly with brilliant, motivated, and growth-hungry founders and teams.

You will not only be responsible for traffic management but also assume the role of account manager responsible for customer communication, strategy, alignment, etc.

You will also be responsible for writing copy and providing creative direction for clients.

You must be relatively experienced with Google Ads campaigns and, above all, understand, or be willing to learn, the e-commerce sales funnel (conversion rate, LTV, AOV, offer, Shopify, etc.).

You must speak English fluently and be perfectly capable of conducting 1h to 2h meetings with clients.

We are not necessarily looking for the most experienced. We are looking for someone who fits well into our team culture and is willing to learn and adapt to new concepts.

Initially, you will work with a few accounts (part-time), and, if proven capable, you will work full-time in a few months. You must be willing to work full-time for Galletti Advertising/Leadways.

We are excited to meet you!

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Some Of The Brands We’ve Worked With

How we generated $383,227.04 with a 5.22 ROAS for a Supplement Brand

Client background, highlights, key ad account implementations.