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Service Details

  • Regain consistency in ad spend and reach the minimum daily budget.
  • Profitably scale Google Ads campaigns to $10k-$15k per month through top-of-funnel campaigns.

We will take care of everything Google Ads-wise for your brand.

  • Full account setup and integration (Google Ads + Merchant Center + Analytics + Shopify)
  • A to Z Conversion Tracking + Attribution
  • In-depth research on the brand and ideal customer
  • Campaign set up 
  • Ongoing campaign optimization 
  • Ongoing creation & optimization of ads 
  • Ongoing campaign testing 
  • As needed remote calls for reporting, alignment, and planning 
  • Weekly performance reporting
  • Monthly performance reporting

Fees: $2k per month + 5% of the non-branded ad spend (the percentage only has to be paid if non-branded campaigns are at or above 2.5 ROAS)

*For the first month, we are happy to charge in Australian dollars with the condition that you provide an honest video testimonial and TrustPilot review.

We work as an extension of your team.

  • We will communicate through Slack, where you have access to me (Paulo) and the team 24/7/365. We may take up to 24 hours to reply, but we usually reply within one hour.
  • You will receive a detailed written breakdown of how things are going every week, highlighting main metrics and other key information.
  • We will have recurring Zoom calls for alignment, strategy and planning every 15 days.

After you fill out the onboarding form (sent to you immediately after our conversation), we’ll schedule a strategy session. This is a 1-hour zoom call between your team and ours where we will get access to your platforms and talk strategy for the following months.

After this initial zoom call, we take 7 days to launch the campaigns in which we will:

  • Audit your whole Google Advertising infrastructure (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Merchant Center, Online Store) and ensure everything is set for maximum performance
  • Collect all the information we need about your brand, ideal customer and numbers
  • Create a strategy for your ad account
  • Write copy and hand-pick the assets to be used in the initial campaigns
  • Get your approval
  • Launch

The campaigns will start driving sales a few hours after launch.

Let’s get things going!

  1. Once you are ready to start, email me at [email protected]
  2. I will send over the onboarding form and add you to the Slack channel. If you want more people from your team added, please email me their email addresses.
  3. After you fill out the onboarding form, we’ll start the process.

How We Generated $366k For A Leather Bag Brand At A 6.33 ROAS

Client background, highlights, key ad account implementations.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“I wanted to say that nobody who managed our ads before ever came close to what Galletti has done for us here at Filadelfio. Since we started working together, the results have been incredible, and I would strongly recommend it to any ecommerce owner”

Rafael Sanches, Founder at Filadelfio

"I’ve always been nervous about having someone else run my ads; however, after meeting Paulo and his team, my worries quickly faded away. They were incredibly genuine, very knowledgeable, and extremely patient throughout the process. They told me what to look out for and results I could expect, as well as provided a consistent and thorough report of what was being spent and where. I learned a lot working with Paulo and his team, and appreciate how invested they were in my brand. I definitely will be reaching out to them again!"

Kenneth Fowler, Founder at Madness & Company

"They are good and focused on what they do. [...] We've had an explosion in conversions, especially during Black Friday, due to the strategies suggested and implemented by them."

Rafael Dutra, CEO at Joplins

"Collaborating with them has been a great experience and an incredible journey. [...] We’re super happy with Galletti Advertising’s work, which has helped us increase our sales. When their team has advertised in a specific country, our online sales in that country have increased, so there’s a clear correlation with their work. [...] Overall, the online marketing campaigns Galletti Advertising has created for us have worked very well — it’s been an amazing collaboration."

Private Client (Luxury Handbag Brand)

Mark Zakaib, Founder at Survivor Filter

Wylie Allen, Founder at Pinnacle Supplementation

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