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Cut CPA And Scale Google Ads Non-Branded Revenue.

Discover The Process That Is Helping Leading Brands Fiercely Improve Results And Scale With Campaigns That Actually Drive New Customers.

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Acquire More Customers

Drive more first-time buyers to your online store at a better cost per acquisition.

Decrease CPA

See an immediate increase in revenue and ROAS from your Google and Youtube campaigns.

Outperform Your Competitors

Show your products before other brands in Search and Shopping placements.

"They absolutely crush it, they have been incredible for us. Helped us scale… Truly scale Google”

Braven Grant - Founder Of Gains In Bulk

Your competitors are making a huge effort to show their products to your existing and potential customers. When someone is in the market for your products, is your brand showing up first?

Spend Efficiently

With a campaign structure built for customer acquisition, every dollar you spend will be directly responsible for tangible profit.

Reach Millions Of New Eyeballs

Our TOF strategy presents your products to thousands of people every day that still don’t know about your brand but are in the market for it.

Cut CPA And Scale Faster

With a profitable foundation paired with an aggressive acquisition system, you will sell in months what you’d sell in years.

Our Signature Process:

1 – Conversion Strategy

The first step is to define the products and offers to promote. Here we are refining the entry door that will convert thousands of new customers at a reasonable CPA.

2 – Non-Branded Campaigns

Beyond branded and retargeting, we’ll launch client acquisition campaigns that go after new potential customers that don’t know about your products yet but are in the market. That is how you scale with Google Ads.

3 – Top-Of-Funnel Scale

With a profitable foundation established, we will leverage Youtube, Shopping, and Discovery to create new demand for your brand at scale. Adding more people to your funnel faster is the ultimate way to outpace your competitors.

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Live Client Results

(Updated every 30 days)

Leading Instantized Creatine Brand

Working with Leadways for 7 months.

Peruvian Maca Brand

Working with Leadways for 14 months.

Supplement Brand Of A Well-Known Doctor In The U.S.

Working with Leadways for 15 months.

Collagen Brand For Climbers And Outdoors Sportsmen

Working with Leadways for 5 months.

Top 20 U.S. Whey Protein And Creatine Brand

Working with Leadways for 20 months.

Leading Pre-Workout Brand

Working with Leadways for 6 months.

CPG operator:

You run a supplement or health brand selling high-quality products that make people’s lives better…

And is using Google Ads to acquire new customers and sell to your existing customer base…

But you know you could be doing a lot better, especially when it comes to driving new customers to your online store because of:

❌ Slow agencies that overspend on branded campaigns, taking months to “learn”;

❌ Ineffective campaigns burning your ad spend;

❌ No clarity on what’s going on;

❌ Low ROAS;

❌ No scale.

We’ve seen a lot of that in the space, and decided to do something different:

After working with multiple industry-leading supplement and CPG brands (including the U.S.’s top instantized creatine brand, one of the top 5 pre-workout brands and a top 10 isolate whey protein brand), we’ve mapped out the process for Google and Youtube ads supremacy.

In your free Strategy Session, you will discover how to improve your current results (and competitors) with more revenue, lower CPAs and ever-scaling non-branded campaigns for customer acquisition.

Some Of Brands We Are Working With

The Maca Team - Increased non-branded sales.

Gains In Bulk - Boosted customer acquisition for their market-leading creatine.

Bucked Up - Scaled Google Ads customer acquisition.

How we generated $383,227.04 with a 5.22 ROAS for a Supplement Brand

Client background, highlights, key ad account implementations.

Performance Customer Acquisition For CPG Brands.

At Leadways we work closely with ambitious Founders and Marketing Managers focused on growing their brands.

This is perfect for:

7, 8, and 9-figure supplement, health, or other CPG brands looking to cut their CPA and scale Google Ads results.


What is this Strategy Session?

This is a free 30-minute Zoom call with our founder where we will diagnose your current struggles with Google Ads and determine a course of action to fiercely improve your results. We will also share the strategies we are implementing for leading brands dominating client acquisition in their markets.

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